Watershed Plan

A watershed plan is report about a watershed.  We write watershed plans to be able to protect and improve our waterways in a meaningful way.  If we don’t know what the issues are, we will not be able to address them.  A watershed plan puts all the information we need in one place.  It can be a simple compilation of existing information, or it can be a more complex document with water quality data and analysis.  Plans often include Best Management Practices that are recommended to address specific pollution or habitat issues.  When the plan is finished, it can then be implemented.

The Harrods Creek Alliance is currently writing a watershed plan for the Headwaters and Brush Creek areas.  See the draft versions of chapters below:

Harrods Creek Chapter 1 draft

Harrods Creek Chapter 2 draft

The rest of the chapters will be added soon.

The Darby Creek Watershed plan was initially completed in 2010, and it is now undergoing a revision process.

Darby Creek Watershed Plan 2010

The Watershed Planning Guidebook for Kentucky Communities is a free resource available to everyone.  It provides Kentucky-specific guidance in a chapter by chapter format to writing watersheds plans complete with contact information for various resources in the state.