Watershed Team

A watershed team is a group of community members and stakeholders.  Anyone who is interested in the health of Harrods Creek or otherwise has a stake in the project outcome can be involved.  Watershed team members can participate in many ways.  The specific tasks and level of involvement is up to each individual.  Meetings are usually announced via email, website and Facebook postings, and via the local newspaper.  Sign up for meeting and event email announcements with the Join Our Team feature!  Or sign up to be a volunteer here.

Upper Harrods Creek

We are currently in the writing phase with the Upper Harrods Creek area, so folks to review chapters and help gather information are needed.  We also need team members’ brain power and energy to plan and promote events.  This group has  been meeting regularly since February 2014.

Darby Creek

The Darby Creek Watershed Team is reconvening after a several year hiatus.  The original Darby Creek Watershed Plan was finished in 2010.  In 2014, the Kentucky Waterways Alliance and community partners applied for and won a KY Division of Water 319 (h) grant to update the plan and implement it.  Implementation is scheduled to begin mid-2015!  We will need lots of community involvement to plan out which Best Management Practices go where, so sign up to help today!  Find a copy of the original watershed plan here.