The Harrods Creek Alliance is a community watershed group working on behalf of our beloved creek that runs from Henry County, past the forests and cliffs and Great Blue Heron rookeries and turtles sunning themselves, all the way down to the Ohio River.  The creek has many beautiful areas to protect and a few areas that need some work.  We’re up for it all.  Get involved and join us!

But what is a watershed?  A watershed is the area of land that drains to a specific stream; a creek and the land around it.  Watersheds join together to form larger watersheds, and a major river will encompass many smaller watersheds.  Larger watersheds are usually called basins.  So, for example, the Darby Creek Watershed is part of the larger Harrods Creek Watershed, which is part of the Ohio River Basin.

Entire Harrods Creek Watershed

We are currently writing a watershed-based plan for the upper section of the watershed, the Headwaters and Brush Creek areas.  The Darby Creek Watershed plan is being updated and will begin implementation soon.  There are many other tributaries to Harrods Creek like Wolf Pen Branch, Hite Creek, and Sinking Fork – every stretch is important.  We will keep working on small sections until we have completed all of Harrods Creek!

When we have completed the upper Harrods Creek Watershed plan, we will implement it.  This will entail seeking funding to use for putting the Best Management Practices (BMPs) recommended in the plan into place in the community.  These can be things like environmental education, conservation easements, cost-share programs for pasture renovation or exclusion fencing for farmers, and much more.  All BMP implementation is voluntary; watershed planning is not regulatory.